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Overcoming Life's Challenges...

Helping Individuals Develop Resilience, Wisdom and Hope

Daniel Lindenfeld, Counselor, MS, LPC

Identify Resources to Improve Relationships

Helping individuals develop the resilience, wisdom and hope they need to take greater responsibility in their lives, work toward overcoming life challenges, and find more meaning and fulfillment in their relationships.

Dan Lindenfeld

Daniel Lindenfeld, Counselor, MS, LPC

My journey as a counselor has been nourished by my own life experiences. In addition to being a retired Army veteran and a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am also licensed as a school counselor in the state of Minnesota. My therapeutic techniques incorporate elements of person centered, cognitive behavioral, existential and Adlerian theory.

I offer effective individual and group based therapeutic treatment for adults and adolescents with the following mental health related concerns: anger management, anxiety, depression, ADHD, academic success, veterans’ issues, career planning and employment related concerns, relationships and parenting skills.

As a counselor, it is my mission to provide my clients with ethical,
professional and high quality service in an environment that facilitates
adaptation to change, effective coping in times of distress, responsible
decision making that enhances well-being, and personal growth as agents of
change in their lives.

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